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Architecture San Luis Obispo, California

Architecture | San Luis Obispo, CA

Hi!  I’m a Licensed Architect in San Luis Obispo, California with experience in commercial, mixed-use, and multi-family residential properties.  One of my favorite things to help clients with is the initial research phase of a project.  What’s the zoning regulations? Design restrictions? Let’s explore your possibilities.  Find out if a Digital Discovery Package is right for you.

Digital Marketing | San Luis Obispo, CA

Architects need to up their digital marketing game just like the rest of the small businesses out there!  Out of necessity, I learned digital marketing strategies and now offer this service to those in the AEC industry.  If you are a small business owner looking to get started online, a Digital Tactical Plan Consultation might be perfect for you.   

Digital Marketing San Luis Obispo, CA
Real Estate Investing in San Luis Obispo, CA

Real Estate Investing | San Luis Obispo, CA

Real Estate and Architecture go hand in hand.  Real estate investing also varies in nature.  Wholesaling, flipping homes, and new construction are just a few methods to make some long term assets for yourself and your family. While I’m not an investor myself (yet!), I can definitely help those who are! 

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So Who Am I? And why do you care?

Haha! Isn’t that a loaded question!?  But Hi! I’m Cordelia – an Architect, Nail Technician, and Digital Marketer.  I do a bunch of things to help others reach their goals while at the same time reaching mine.  What are my goals?  I have a lot of them, but here’s a few:

  • I want to help people design and develop their properties through architecture.
  • I want to help other small businesses grow through different forms of digital marketing.
  • My dog has changed my life (you’ll read lots about her here soon) so I want to help as many other homeless pets as possible by supporting local shelters and nonprofits that provide resources for homeless pets.
  • I want to live a fulfilling life shared with my closest friends and family. 
If you are a homeowner looking to add an ADU to your property, if you are a landowner looking to build a new building, or you are a small business owner in the architecture/engineering/construction industry and are looking for help, this is why you care! I’d love to connect to find out if I can help with your project, digital marketing strategy, or real estate investing adventure.  

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