Building a Foundation | 2019’s Word of the Year

Build a Foundation - What's your theme word for 2019?

In my introductory post I declared my intent of becoming wealthy to the world.  It’s not enough to just say I’m going to become wealthy.  I have to explore HOW. The first step is by taking control of my life in 2019 and building a strong foundation upon which I can build the next 10 years of my life.    As I explore my theme, start thinking about yours!

Give your year a Theme!

Choosing a word to guide your year isn’t a new concept, but I’ve never tried it.  I remember in Jr. High and High School, the administration would announce the themes for the year at class orientation.  I always thought they were cheesy, unnecessary, and useless.  I was also a pessimistic child – thank goodness that’s changed!  

The school I attended was K-12, so I experienced lots of themed years.  The only one I can remember at the moment is “Dream Big”.  I must have blocked the others out and the lessons that they were trying to reach.  It’s funny, actually, that it only took 15 years for me to finally understand what they were trying to do.  Better late than never!

What was it they were trying to do? Teach children that mindset matters! How you view your reality and your life will influence where you go. What’s the famous quote? “If you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” That was the point. So if you take the time to “Dream Big”, and truly believe you can reach your dreams, then you’ll take the actions necessary to get there. Even if you don’t completely make it, you’ll be closer than you were before.

The one word that I am using to guide my actions, focus, and decisions for 2019 is FOUNDATION

I want to build a foundation to create a better life for myself. 

I want to start building a FOUNDATION towards financial independence through successful business building. 

I want to build the FOUNDATIONAL habits of health and fitness so I can live a long and healthy life.   

Make a plan

Now that I have my theme word, what steps do I need to take to create a foundation upon which I can build success in each of these areas in my life?  That is what I plan to explore this year.  One quarter to tackle each area. 

  • Quarter 1: Financial Foundation
    • I’m using the first three months of 2019 to review my current financial status. I know I have debt and I know I want to be wealthy. What things can I do (and you too!) to set up a foundation, a routine, a system to follow for the next year to help tackle this area of my life?
  • Quarter 2: Business Foundation
    • Side Hustle has been all the rage recently and with good reason. It is one of the way people can gain their financial independence. Even if you have no intention of leaving traditional work, having multiple streams of income helps insure you always have money flowing into your life. I’ve started by business, but plan to really take it to the next level in the second quarter of 2019.
  • Quarter 3: Health & Fitness Foundation
    • Just as important as a financial foundation is a healthy foundation. Back in 2017 I completed a Whole 30, lost some weight, and was doing really well. Then I fell off the wagon. (Wait! – the slippery unstable foundation? ) I’ve let myself go down the path of unhealthy activity for too long. This quarter I plan to address the routines I need to integrate into my life to maintain better health for years to come.
  • Quarter 4: Lifestyle Foundation
    • The last quarter of 2019, I want to address my lifestyle in general. Things like minimalism, habits, holidays, etc. This is kind of a catch all quarter for things I wasn’t able to explore earlier in the year.

Building a Foundation

I think FOUNDATION is a fitting theme for a newly licensed architect.  I design buildings all day. All buildings need a strong foundation. 2019 is the year I will be designing my life so starting with the basics and creating systems and processes to address some of these life categories seems like a logical place to start.

What’s your theme for 2019?

The idea of themes can be taken even further than just the year.  You can theme your months, weeks, and even days.  But for now, I want to focus on the theme of foundation for 2019

I will use this word as a test to help determine what I need most or what I choose to spend time on. They help me to see clearer, to navigate challenges with more grace, and to grow.

What do you want to focus on for the year?  What word do you want to guide your decisions throughout 2019?  Take time now to think about it – before you start thinking about your goals and before the new year passes!  January 1st comes quickly!!  

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