Stealing the Neighbor’s Camera

I’ve been wanting a camera for a while now. Not just a point-and-shoot (which I have already), but a DSLR. I’m tired of my “terrible” photos when the shot could have been amazing. I’ve been trying to save up for the Canon T5i as my starter camera, but everytime I get close to having just barely enough, some other expense pops up. The joys of adult financial life… Anyway, I’m lucky enough to know my neighbor well and this weekend he let me borrow his Canon T4i since I don’t have enough funds to purchase one for myself (yet). I tested it out at the beach, but I was trying to catch the sunset instead. Then I decided to caputure Stanley, and man, can I tell a difference in the photo quality. After all that, I decided to go to Montana De Oro for a little walk/hike and took photos up there. There were many other things I could have captured, however, I ran out of time. I’ll be going back to Montana de Oro, Los Osos, and Morro Bay within the next month to try more settings on the camera. These shots were mostly just me playing with the camera lenses and getting to know the camera a bit. I took only 100 photos in all so not many, but I have a good handful that I am just in love with. I’m just starting out so don’t be too harsh, but what do you guys think?!

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