I wish this was a goal update post. It kind of is. But it is also a post to let you know I failed. And that’s okay. Failure is only failure if I don’t learn from it. If you remember my post from earlier this year, I listed out all my lofty goals for 2019. […]
Coffee?  What’s this have to do with finances or architecture?  I’m glad you asked!  Let me tell you!  Coffee Addiction in the Making I started drinking coffee in college.  It became a symbol of being in architecture school.  That coupled with the infamous all-nighters and you had the formula for “Architorture” as many students not-so-lovingly referred […]
With this year being the year of foundation, I wanted to share some specific goals I am trying to tackle in 2019. A few of these goals are multi-year goals, which relates back to the theme of FOUNDATION really well. As long as I am creating a system, routine, or process that addresses the “problem” […]
In my introductory post I declared my intent of becoming wealthy to the world.  It’s not enough to just say I’m going to become wealthy.  I have to explore HOW. The first step is by taking control of my life in 2019 and building a strong foundation upon which I can build the next 10 […]
Traveling is an important life experience. You learn new things, meet new people, are exposed to different languages and cultures, and learn more about yourself. But once you get back home what do you do with all those souvenirs from your adventures? The tickets, pictures, maps, etc.? It took me a few tries, but I […]
What are “MakerSpaces”? This last week I was tasked with researching a “makers lab” for an elementary school project my firm is working on. Unless you have kids in the school system, work with a school district in some way, or are in the education field, you probably haven’t heard of these “MakerSpaces” before. I […]
I had the opportunity to visit Lake Nacimiento this past weekend. It is an 18-mile long lake near Paso Robles that is large enough for waterskiing, wakeboarding, jetskiing, and other water activities. I’ve heard it called “Dragon Lake” before because from an aerial view it looks similar to a dragon. This year we didn’t get […]
I’ve been wanting a camera for a while now. Not just a point-and-shoot (which I have already), but a DSLR. I’m tired of my “terrible” photos when the shot could have been amazing. I’ve been trying to save up for the Canon T5i as my starter camera, but everytime I get close to having just […]
For those who don’t know me, I must confess: I am a cat lady. I love cats and I love my cat Stanley. He is a typical American Shorthair with Tuxedo markings. He is the perfect cat for me at this time in my life. I won’t bore you with too many details because I […]
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